While I enjoyed making my first album, I find myself creating in a new way these days.  Writing with so many artists last year, scoring Bang Gang and generally being able to create mix and master my solo material within days, has given me a direct freedom to share I have always secretly wanted.  In short, this year, if I write something that I like, I’m putting it out!  No Eps, no albums… just songs from me to you that I want you to hear.

So I want to invite you to join me on this adventure.  Along with a steady stream of songs there will be video content for each, and as a compliment to the audio / visual, I've conjured up a new interactive project I have called “Postcards From Nowhere” - a concept I’ve played with for some time now, but am finally able to execute: a living breathing art project, where we can go beyond the traditional offerings, to a place where I can create and share objects that come straight from the WS headquarters.  Postcards, demos, polaroids, correspondence… the only limit is our own imaginations.  

I hope you will join me on this new road by signing up for “Postcards from Nowhere" and I cannot wait to share all of these new songs and ideas with you all.

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